Teeth Whitening Bowmanville

Teeth Whitening Bowmanville

Discover the benefits of teeth whitening in Bowmanville at Longworth Dental. We offer affordable options in whitening, including in-office and at-home treatments designed to fit your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about whitening, only a pro-strength product can deliver the kind of results you have in mind. Store-bought whiteners simply cannot compare with the treatments we offer.

Affordable Whitening

Having your teeth whitened professionally is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic treatments available today. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, nothing works faster than pro-whitening. The fact is, you can take your smile up several notches in brightness just by stopping in to Longworth Dental for a whitening treatment or taking home our whitening kit. You’ll love the results!

Remove Years of Stains

Our effective treatment works deep down within teeth to lift and remove stains that have been on teeth for years. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll see a noticeable difference after the very first treatment. Feel free to schedule a smile analysis with our staff, followed by a consultation to discuss your objectives in whitening and give us the opportunity to chart a plan for a brighter, whiter smile.

You’ll Smile More

You’ll notice that after whitening, you’ll find more reasons to smile – and you’ll have more confidence as well. If you’d love to wake up smiling and go through your day with nothing between your beautiful smile and the world around you, you'll appreciate our at-home treatment. You’ll wear a custom-fitted tray during sleep for a predetermined number of nights. Typically, patients see a dramatic difference by the third morning; however, we may recommend that you wear it for up to 14 applications for maximum benefit.

Choose Professional Whitening For Reliable Results

Many of our patients at Longworth Dental tell us they have tried over-the-counter products in the past, hoping to save a few dollars and achieve the same results their friends or family members have experienced through pro-strength whitening.

The fact is that a professional product will deliver the kind of results that will make you smile. Our methods for teeth whitening in Bowmanville exceed the high expectations our patients walk in with; in fact, we guarantee you’ll love your beautiful, dazzling smile after whitening.

A More Natural Looking White

You’ve probably seen people who have had their teeth over-whitened and have maybe even wondered if all whitening treatments leave patients looking so unnatural. Most over-white results are due to patients taking matters into their own hands and abusing over-the-counter products from a drug store.

You’ll love how naturally white your teeth look after treatment at Longworth Dental. We proudly offer very consistent results for teeth whitening for Bowmanville residents who want a more natural-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening Bowmanville
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